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Fifty-five years alive and older than I ever
Dreamed it to be possible for me to be
Nor do I feel it somehow I who once said "never
Trust anyone over thirty" but never does
Not seem now because I am who I was
Even though a quarter of a century past:
Now is not never now is forever

I have gone on but I have not left me behind
Still having my improbable child's body
A legacy of my idiot savanthood
Still having my still more improbable mind
All more or less accepted if not understood
And do I trust myself? I believe I do at last:
Now is not for striving now is for arriving

Myself and I have been through a lot together
It has been very strange and subject to change
Encouraging times through discouraging weather
Like a red eye flight through a very long night
But I can see the sunrise from my window now
As arriving I have a good feeling somehow:
And here I am world! Are you reading me?

When the world seems it is ending is when it begins
For me anyway just to get my attention
And the one who knows what goes around comes back around wins
A new world a day of intention and invention
As the closer I look the further I see:
Now is not never now is forever
Now is not for striving now is for arriving

+Steven Curtis Lance

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