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Semmaster is the pseudonym that I choose,

It's the essence of who I am and what I do,

The S stands for Steven, a crown of great worth,

"E" is Eugene, well born of this earth,

The Surname is Miller, from father to son,

The Master is whom I seek and hope someday to become,

One with his spirit, intertwined with his soul,

The master of my own destiny with the knowledge to know,

That through Christ I stand here all naked and clothed,

With the innocence of his blood and the warmth of his soul,

I am just a man, as you can see,

I'm not holier than thou nor more righteous than thee,

If you smack me in the face, I won't turn the other cheek,

Mess with my family...Your life I will seek,

I live each day as if it were the last,

I study the holy scripture I pray and I fast,

For knowledge to guide me through these troubling days,

As I etch out my path through life's deadly maze,

When life's arduous journey reaches the end of,

This physical form and my new life begins,

May the Lord lay me down for now and hereafter,


GOOD JOB Semmaster."


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