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  Divine love
Writer: rajplb
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Welcome to "Divine Love". Friends, divine love can be interpreted in two ways- love for almighty or love is spiritual. Poetry is the music of tender heart which often throbs for love. This love may be for your dear friend or for omnipotent God.

What ever the theme may be, I believe, true poetry should be rhythimic and full of symphony.

If the rhythic effects of a poetry are killed, it will become a 'prose-poetry'. It is nothing but a prose in disguise of a poem. I urge all my unknown friends who really love poetry, to maintain the true spirit of poetry only for 'art's sake'. I hope you will enjoy my poems, suggest for improvement, and visit the site again and again.

"My verses are sacred and not a single inch fake,

And what I do is only for the art's sake"

             ---Rajpal Singh from India

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