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April – Creating to Destroy

I'm wild and sometimes even heartless-can-be,
I'm fond of collecting illusions to ruin,
I'm breaking the rules life has written for me,
"Create to destroy" best describes what I'm doing.
I'm scarily dangerous, silently loud -
A walking disaster you'd better ignore,
The pain in the neck of a desperate crowd.
But I'm like a magnet - you'll only want more”.


This quote from April’s poem entitled “Heartless-can-be?” describes the poetess best. It shows all the mysterious sides of her personality, and they are revealed mostly in her works, written with the purpose to tell people more about her and her life experience, to share and spread her ideas and thoughts, to help people with her creativity somehow, showing them that they are not alone.

April has been writing for almost five years, getting inspiration from various experiences seen by the eyes of a thinker. The purpose of her creativity is urging people to see beyond the bounds, to be themselves, to speak their minds loud, not to be afraid to differ from the crowd.

And she really creates to destroy, as said above. To destroy the naive beliefs. To destroy the stereotypes.

You can find out more about her through her creative works here:


She also has some tracks available at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=824779

Moreover, she has something to offer to the bands and individual performers who need lyrics in English – she writes lyrics for sale by individual orders.

If you already have the musical part for your song and need lyrics, she will help you out with that as well. She can also proof read and edit any complete lyrics and bring changes to them if necessary as well as translate lyrics from Russian into English.

If you are interested, you can always contact her via e-mail: aprilavalon@gmail.com


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