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Lord, why not perceive a young person's desire for independence from human parents as a desire to give back to You via Your society? The reality is that our parents have told us over and it not to give out their addresses, phone numbers, and anything else that would make them feel violated. They have also been telling us this for our protection as well, Creator of the Universe, although we can feel overprotected when we hear the same things over and over without being able to put it into practice. As You have revealed via Google, overprotection can contribute to anxiety and trust is one of Your solutions to anxiety. Unfortunately, trust is not among parents and grandparents as well as many elders at large just because You All have been around longer than we have and You all know that the world is very evil. Still, God Almighty, You are the One who have been revealing to us via the various deaths of others and so many other ways that our parents and grandparents are not always going to be with us. In fact, You have been telling us in a multitude of ways that our family members are not always going to be there and our leaders could retire or step down anytime You want them to. I apologize for my irrational behavior, my illogical thoughts, and my speech that does not make any kind of sense whatsoever. My prayer is that You will speak to mother, grandmother, our older relatives, and elders at large in the name of Jesus Christ. Because of You, Immanuel, our parents and grandparents have trained to in the way in which we should go and we are not departing from it just like You have promised in Proverbs 22:6 (
Bari Knight