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The experts worry that the Coronavirus cases will spike as a result of Labor Day Celebrations and kids returning to brick-and-mortar schools, Lord. Through Your scientists and your other experts, You have been telling us repeatedly to avoid crowds and social distance in order to prevent the spread of the virus in addition to washing our hands and wearing masks. The local and state leaders also need to close bars as You have been revealing via Doctor Fauci, who really wants to serve You via keep Your people safe and healthy. He has no political or selfish agenda, Master, and my prayer is that You please rescue him, his family members, and Your Church at large from Satan's attacks in the name of Jesus Christ, who is Lord and Savior as well as Master and God Almighty in human flesh. May You protect the experts using the common sense in which You have given us via them and others after Your heart in the name of Immanuel, who is God Almighty with us.
We shall definitely listen to the experts and You are the Greatest Expert of All, Creator of the Universe. Thank You for Your experts, Mighty God, thank You for Your experts. May You protect the experts with the same common sense in which You have given us through them and Your leaders at large in the name of Christ Almighty and the Holy Spirit of Truth.
Bari Knight