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As You have revealed via Pastor JG on TBN, Christ, You and You alone can take us to Your Father's House as this is what You mean in John 14:6. As You have revealed via Pastor JF, You know how to bless Your people in the midst of everything.
Via Pastor B, You have revealed that Your Kennedy Space Center in Your Sunshine State is about 45 miles east of Orlando on a straight line. We have a distrust of government under 45 and those who support him, King of Heaven. The same Devil who wanted the worship that belongs to You not only tempted our first parents in the Garden but he also tempted You in the wilderness, Counselor. Skepticism urges distrust as You have revealed via Pastor B. Your Word, the Bible, is Your first line of communication to us. The human family has replaced You with itself, Creator. Amen, thank You. 
Isaiah 14:13 - Isaiah 14:14
2 Timothy 3:16 - 2 Timothy 3:17
Genesis 1 - Psalm 22
Daniel 1:1 - Daniel 12:1
Isaiah 1:1 - Matthew 4:4
2 Timothy 4:3 - Revelation 3:11
Proverbs 16:25 - Luke 21:19
Revelation 14:7 - Revelation 22:21

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