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In Matthew 6:25-26, You are telling me to not worry about everyday life via Your daughter on I Shine Knect on TBN (8/29/20). Your message via Pastor Osteen is about Your power of letting go and my prayer is that parents, grandparents, and older relatives will be able to hear this message in Your name. Since mother is busy, I can text the tablet that You have given her when she is at work or running errands. There is power of letting go and I need to let go of the frustration of not being in control of the Coronavirus, God Almighty. I need to be willing to let go, Creator of the Universe. Your ways are higher and better than our ways, Vine and Vinedresser. You can see the big picture, Immanuel. Not my will, Lord of hosts, but may Your will be done in Your name of Christ. You are at work in the lives You have given us, Rabbi. I need to let mother and grandmother go, Wonderful Counselor. You are a just God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit of Truth. I don't have to have all of the answers, Master, because You are God and I am not. No, I don't understand why I am forced to depend on high risk family members when I can be an asymptomatic carrier of the Coronavirus. You are good, loving, kind, fair, and just. In Genesis 4:25, You promise that You will appoint another seed and You have revealed via Pastor Osteen that Your seed represents the future (TBN, 8/29/20). Amen, thank You.
Proverbs 20:24 - Romans 8:28
Genesis 4:25 - Matthew 6:26
Psalm 131 - Psalm 150
Bari Knight