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Thank You, God Almighty, for Your stuffed animals. These are Your stuffed animals, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. These stuffed animals can be used as characters in Your stories who are especially relatable to children, teens, college students, job seekers, and other members of Your flock. May everyone in Your flock, Lord of hosts, remember that they are not alone in Your name of Jesus Christ.
The stuffed animals are really Your angels in the plush and thank You for using them to comfort us so that we can comfort others as You have graciously promised in 2 Corinthians 1, Creator of the Universe.
The stuffed animals are an example of Your creativity and Your ingenuity, Immanuel. Thank You, Vine and Vinedresser for creativity Your stuffed animals as well as Your co-creators that You have been using the make them. Thank You, Wonderful Counselor, for all of Your stuffed animals and may You use them artistically so that we can serve You via Your gift of creativity in the name of Jesus Christ, who is the Creator of the Universe in human flesh.
Bari Knight