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Your message is that we are Your seed and we are Your offspring, Mighty God. I came through mother and father but I came from You, Almighty God. These negative circumstances are fertilizers that You are using to boost our growth, Lord of hosts. You watch over Your Word to perform it, Vine and Vinedresser. In John 15, You reveal that You are the Gardener. You are strategic, Master in Heaven. In Acts 17, You reveal that You predetermined when and where I would be born as well as which family I would be born into. You knew that there would be a pandemic and You knew that I would be censored, Creator of the Universe. You don't judge the way that we judge, Rabbi. Except for You, we all fail and we all make mistakes. You have forgiveness for our mistakes, mercy for our failures, and favor for the future that You have given us. You have an assignment for me to accomplish and I refuse to just take up space, Yahweh. Amen, thank You.
Bari Knight