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Your message is about Your unprecedented favor and we are living in unprecedented times, Master. You are so good, Creator of the Universe, and You are still in control even during these unprecedented times (TBN, 2020). In Ephesians, You promised via Your Apostle Paul that we would see the surpassing greatness of Your favor ( In Exodus, You promise that You would perform great wonders that You have never done before ( You are Awesome, God Almighty, and awesome is the opposite of ordinary as You have revealed via Pastor Osteen (TBN, 2020). In Psalms, You reveal that the people have limited You and we limit You whenever we don't believe. You are special, Vine and Vinedresser. In Exodus, You promise that You want to do something awesome in the lives in which You have graciously given us. You are Astounding and You are Remarkable, Wonderful Counselor. Some people are not going to believe no matter what, Son of God and Son of Man. In John 14:12, You promise that we would do the works that You did and we would do greater works if we believe. You are looking for us to believe and take the limits off of You, Mighty God. In Your Book of Joshua, You reveal that the sun stood still. We know that rules and rules, King of Heaven, but we need You to speak to our parents and grandparents so that they can let us go so that we can still fulfill the assignments that You have given us without infecting them or anyone with the Coronavirus in the name of Jesus Christ, whose Father let Him go so that He could die for our sins as well as the sins of the world at large. Amen, thanks.
Bari Knight