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Conspiracy theories don't rest of Truth, Lord, but instead on doubt and an unhealthy dose of mistrust. One example of a conspiracy theory, God Almighty, is that we cannot trust anyone as You have revealed on It Is Written via Pastor Pastor John Bradshaw on TBN (8/16/2020). Family members receiving death threats are an illustration of this conspiracy theory and this is what is happening to Dr. Fauci, King of Heaven (CNN and TBN, 2020). There is a mistrust of government under Mister Trump and his followers, Immanuel, and I am guilty of this mistrust (TBN, 8/16/2020). Yes, the demogague is deliberately poisoning Your United States of America and You even acknowledge this factual reality via Your Pastor John Bradshaw on It Is Written (TBN, 8/16/2020). Sin is the transgression of the law and Satan was divisive in Heaven because he wanted the worship that rightfully belongs to You, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Satan has been distracting and interrupting all of us, King of Heaven, and this is how You have rightfully defined disruptions. There is so much temptation today because Satan is on the top of his game, Wonderful Counselor, and this is a sign that the Devil hates us. He hates everything, Rabbi, except for himself. Amen, thank You.
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Isaiah 14:12 - Revelation 12:7 
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Bari Knight