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Here I am again

Sitting within the court

Failing to pay for what I had not bought

Is it a crime or a sin

When all I wanted was a bottle of Gin

So here again I’ll play the part

Looking fragile with broken heart

It’s also necessary to look contrite

While you fill them full of shite

I know what to say

As  know the score

Withing ten minutes

I’m out the door


As of now I’m starting to withdraw

So I head to the shop to get some more

I’m usually in and out in a flash

Especially when you’re lacking cash.

I observe for a little while.

Like a rocket I’m up the aisle

I soon get what need

So I turn to leave

Then in total despair

I see Security standng there.

Are you going to pay for that.

Don’t be daft you silly twat.

I turn and give a respectful bow.

See you later you silly cow



Colin Cadamartriea