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Social Justice Researcher

Peter Sokolowskyj

1\4 Redfern St

Redfern 2016


 This is my coppy of my letter to the

Waterloo Planning Authority responsible for the disposession of the people in Department Of Housing Redfern Waterloo where the current public housing will be retaken and redeveloped so the greedy NSW land grabbers and the corrupt Kristina Kenneally can obtain more land for greedy land developers. Tennants will be removed to remote fringes or the sticks while new Social housing will be built and half will be sold to the rich to provide more land and pay for the project called the BEP2 Master Plan. I Peter sokolowskyj live in 1\4 Refdern St Redfern 2016 where my unit will be demolished and I will be disposesed by the NSW state government where I send my protest global so the world may see how unfair Australia really is. More public housing is being demolished than what is being built. Eastwood residents have been unlawfully removed and evicted Cambelltown and Bonny Rigg Airds Bradbury and Claymore. Greedy councils cant stop; what happened to cpmpassion and common decency as over development leaps forwards out of control.

Waterloo Planning Authority

You may remember me; I was that thorn with the original Redfern Master plan back in 2002 as I led a campaign protesting against the taking of Phillip St and Elizabeth Estate. Actually I was the only concerned person over that evil master plan that was passed regardless who didn’t want it. Morris Yemmer said later there will be no more dispossession in the Redfern region and the properties taken then near Phillip St (see below) will be all that will be taken so I abandoned any further protests. Wow how amazing we were all deceived. You may wonder why I got involved in that protest in the first place and why I was that thorn; please let me explain.


Wonderful to have copies of the original master plan there’s more!

I was on the department of housing waiting list for twenty two years homeless living in my mobile home for a time then I owned other cheap run down vans I could afford. I had no intention of living in Sydney I was squatting in bushland in the Sutherland region, Campbelltown and Camden where authorities moved me on endlessly. My bus and vans was confiscated and impounded by Sutherland Police for trespassing on private land having to pay hectic fines to get my vehicles out of police impound yards with pressure of losing my licence so many times. I was forced by police to register for public housing that I was already registered but records sort of got lost. I was ordered to seek help from Homeless persons who sent me to Careforce in Albion St Sydney who referred me to Wesley Mission in Bourke St Surrey Hills. Police and outer region councils milked me for every cent I had in prosecutions. Countless charges of trespasses and being unlawfully on private property and so many ridiculous idiotic impoundings. I had money when I left Perth in 1999 but through greedy councils, corrupt property owners and bullshit prosecutions, high cost caravan Parks etc $55,000 shrunk rapidly.  Later I lost my $14,00:00 bus too because it cost me too much to keep it with no parking access, constant pressures by the city council I had to give it up as I could no longer afford it. Some lucky Sydney counsellor got it cheap and may one wonder how! Poverty made things impossible to maintain and rego costs more and more each year.

 During the Sydney Olympics 2000, the hon. Bob Carr gave the homeless in Sydney a treat where there were hundreds of vacant DOH homes in Redfern Waterloo that no one wanted to live in. Bob Carr offered them to the homeless before the world stage and a lot of disadvantaged people were extremely grateful for the states amazing generosity.

July before the Olympics I was ordered out of my bus by police, living in Marlborough St near Northcote DOH Surrey Hills DOH. I then had a squat out side the DOH office in Surrey Hills office right on their door steps as I had nowhere else to go. Wesley Mission ill treated people living in their hostel in Bourke St and it was strictly do as you’re told or else! I just left Wesley Mission Accommodation and they barred me to return merely for complaining too much. I stood up to the abuse and complained of mistreatment to others, my problem with Wesley mission was noted to the other near by missions so their ban on me prevented other organisations from helping me and I was unable to get proper accommodation in the region so I was in deep trouble.

 Next it rains heavily, end of June and a cold snap sets in. I get seriously ill squatting around Ward Park and contract a bad dose of pneumonia and I slip into a comma. Next police are called to remove me from the Doh’s doorstep thinking I was drunk. I don’t drink, smoke or use any banned substances what so ever. Cops kicked me shitless in Ward Park which ended up on national television while I was unconscious and seriously ill.


I was sent to Sydney hospital where I spent three weeks with bruises, fractured ribs and pneumonia but I recovered. My DOH files were mixed up and lost but suddenly re-appeared and were sort of way overdue; how strange!

 I returned to Edward Eager lodge; Wesley Mission after my discharge for a meal and the welfare officer told me to report to my DOH office; there was good news. Finally I was going to get into public housing but first I had to go to a back packer’s lodge in Cleveland St where suddenly I was taken off the street instantly cos’ I was long over due.

The hostel was run by the Salvation Army, I was over the moon. First I had to sign a relinquish of blame form that I do not blame the DOH, Wesley Mission, Salvation Army, St Johns Church Darlinghurst, Eddy Dixon Centre nor the Mathew Talbot Hostel and I’m to forget any legal action against any of these organisations what so ever or I remain in the street indefinitely so I had to sign or else.

 The first Flats I was shown in Redfern had trouble and the property manager Sophie conflicted with an upstairs tenant so that one was passed by her and I returned to the hostel still waiting. On week three I was shown a unit 1\4 Redfern St Redfern and as the Olympics started I accepted then moved into my DOH residence Redfern immediately

 1st September 2001 in time for the Olympics. I was ever so grateful to be home for the first time in my life no more living in the bus that was parked outside, no more rotten floods, Campbelltown Bushfires, no more cops banging on my roof in the early hours, no more council rangers demanding me to move on or else. Most of all, the end of bag searches and unnecessary vehicle checks, endless rich only police harassments in near by regions, South Coast, Gosford regions, Campbelltown and Southern Highlands.


 It was absolutely fabulous to be really at home, my home for the first time in my life; it wasn’t much but I was finally home after 22years of hell, living life in shit holes, squats, horrifying boarding houses, bush-caves, police cells, demolition sites, squalors galore. Forget not the countless trespassing charges for being dispossessed. During that time it was impossible to get any sort of work as NSW don’t give jobs to the homeless or disadvantaged and to help charities is strictly rich only who get to volunteer. I never qualified for any volunteer work as the rich pay for the pleasure so the rest need not apply. I asked the DOH; my case worker and property manager Sophie that if I have to move please inform me and I will go elsewhere but she said I may remain here for the rest of my life if I take the place so I did.

 I own a lot of belongings; I can’t afford $150 to $250 a month on storage and can’t move my piano nor lift heavy stuff anymore. I can’t shift from house to house any more as had to did most of my life. I’m older now with heart disease and vulnerable to asthma and pneumonias that has caused lung damage due to all that time I had to wait out in the streets for years in severe cold and freezing and shit conditions of filth.

Always move after move, strain by strain with back injuries as well to why I receive an invalid pension as a result. I’m not well anymore constantly seeing doctors and eventually I will die soon enough. I’m here to rest like the rest here in Redfern on death row waiting to die like the rest of the sick people who can’t get medical help due to this state’s bad medical services record in this disgusting region.

 You greedy monsters suddenly appear; hey presto; dram up this evil greedy plot, call it BEP2 combined with a corrupt greedy Kristina Kennelly land grabbing scheme to end poverty and ghettos in Redfern Waterloo. WOW! Sick Robots such as Waterloo Planning Authority manufacture the Ghettoes in the first place.

 When you suppress, then seclude the poor, add dispossession where you people fail to serve this community what so ever. Rich and poor collide and never have blended ever anywhere in NSW. You serve the filthy rich by excluding us all together that create false perceptions to the media manufacturing mass poverty unconditionally.  All you robots do is development on over development a compulsive habit where you robots know nothing about compassion or what common decency is all about. No Government planning authority cares a dam what this community really needs other than you’re greedy needs to obtain more greedy land. State Robots know only greed which is all they manufacture and its an obsession that can’t stop just like a habit.

YOU disadvantage them by taking away all their rights. No proper public meetings violate those peoples living rights under the right to live act. Worse of all they are not allowed to participate in any public sport, games, recreational activities in the Redfern and Waterloo regions, DOH patrons are unable to take part in rich only church services or their gracious activities. Again excluded from job and work programs, Private markets and Gym fees are too high requires membership, many near by hotels ban them from drinking on week ends but OK Mon to Thurs all over the region offer rich only VIP bars service on week ends.

Motor Garages in the region make it hard to get service on their motor vehicles and rego checks. Other nearby businesses refuses service to DOH residences. Rich Only events are held and the poor cant show in art shows, perform any music anywhere other than busking so we are secluded in the community and are out casted so what do you expect YOU reduce us to NOTHING!.

Endless discrimination by all corrupt media Radio and television who blog out those who disagree what they do is right, Worse of all rotten police carrying out seclusions afflicting fear so what future does one have? When all activities available is merely rich only. Redfern and Waterloo DOH have no enmities, not allowed to hold public meetings. All public meetings avenues are closed to us; there are no doors other than charity scraps and leftovers who serve rotten out of date food at top dollar not fit for pigs for them buy and eat. Rich get great discounts of these amazing charities while the poor pay top dollar for rubbish furniture or broken merchandise from these gracious charity Opp shops. Media blames all the crime on the region on the Ghettoes but the wrong ghettos. Waterloo has two ghettos rich and poor; north and south and it’s the new south super towers  from Bourke St back to Eastern Distributer is riddled with crime, reasonably new giving the cops plenty to do but this ones strictly rich only ghettos but that’s OK they got money honey! We are tried and condemned by association.  

Wrong Kid murdered by Redfern Corrupt Cops for this! To justify Illegal dispossession and Greedy Overdevelopment all the way from the top……. SEE BELOW!

You people cried wolf and fabricated two false riots to make us look bad so to justify your corruption plot and repeat what your corrupt counterparts in Americas did; New Jersey and New Orleans.


 Former rotten Liverpool Counsellors and the director of Peter Warren Motors obtained thousands of acres of valuable land while on the Liverpool Council board with other famous rotten corrupt council officials of the Latham empire who retook valuable land that Goff Whitlam released near Holsworthy to Pleasure Point across to Sutherland across Holsworthy through to, thousands acres of valuable land Liverpool Crooks are sitting on who all built lavished mansions and guarding the land with heavy security and savage dogs. Corrupt powerful rich bastards, more dirty filth rotten counsellors in the Sutherland shire hoarding thousands more acres of precious land and wait there’s more,,,,, Lest we forget the Campbelltown district who are the worst. If the corruption commission does their job right and is not used to protect high profile land grabbing crooks who have the blessing from rotten state and Federal Government politicians who too will collect from these amazing land deals that have begun selling from Chipping Norton onwards. The prices of land in these regions begin at half a million a piece, and then add the cost of a two storey house of course another half a million dollars great to the states economy eh! Allah!....... Lest we forget state and Federal taxes that will be collected. Do the right thing Madam Premier; take all that land that was stolen from NSW people and first home buyers only they can’t afford the prices charged here. Land that can house thousands of rich bastards other than suppressing the poor and turns our lives to more filth making us pay for your greed that you offer more suppression to justify what you do is right when you know better you’re wrong, SHAME ON YOU

I have never in my life been criminally charged by police other than political and trespass from dispossession. I don’t smoke, drink nor take drugs ever in my life other than my medication for my illness, I took part in the protest to save these housing as I have photographed neglect by the DOH in this region, and policies like the one below to stop any complaints for bad maintenance and neglect in this region.


Cruel DOH policy do as you’re told or clear out and no complaints

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Peter Sokolowskyj