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Peter Sokolowskyj 3 January 2010


A man made hell found only in Darlinghurst

Uniting Church owns this, if it’s not the worst

United with Wesley, Salvo’s, the demons lurch

Lorry Pheasant runs this hell in St Johns Church

Like the others they too have those harsh rules

Do as your told or else and it’s run by rich fools

Suck in those donations and rake in plenty of cash

Bleed the rich while the poor they serve trash

Like the rest they too serve stale rotten food

Frighten the poor and boy they can be crude

Afflict so much fear and also be rude

A drop in centre run worse than a prison

Screw Lorry Pheasant rules with precision

Follow the leader more fear they will afflict

Do as you’re told otherwise they shall evict

Down Town souls who have nowhere to go

Rich don’t want, don’t care and won’t know

This is the pits like Wayside, the end of the line

So many die because it’s a waste of time

More and more services the rich will now slash

All the time raking in money donations of cash

Exploiting the poor, it’s about raking in money

No one gives a dam and that’s not so funny

These hell holes do help to process those downtown

Out of mind out of sight so they are no more around

Lucky Cuntry for the rich, means seclude the poor

Those who complain will be escorted out the door

Doesn’t matter how many old folks suddenly perish

As long as cash flows those rich shall cherish

Legal Euthanasia is how to kill off these poor

By their own means as the rich will just ignore

Slashing all costs and closing most shelter doors

Charity is left with the mess amongst so many chores

Lucky Cuntry full of crap compassion out the door

Killing off so many as no one cares no more.





Peter Sokolowskyj