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                                     CONDITIONED TO

                          Peter Sokolowskyj

                         December 29, 2007


Revesby Public was madness, where rich just ran wild

Open season for bullies, stalking after the weaker child

Predators swarmed the playgrounds, my these kids were cruel

Teachers were far worse, that cane was a deadly tool

Sick bay always had one child, they claim to be weak

Sought to suicide merely because staff just had the cheek

Protecting rich monsters who just had all that power

spreading death and terror, constantly by the hour

Tragically twenty six kids died while I attended there

Crap just happened mainly due to the lack of care

Those who survived and messed up, sadly their attempt

All were expelled and supporters some were made exempt

Weren’t allowed to speak nor communicate to this dam lot

If you were caught there'd be trouble, you’d be in a spot

Cane brought pure terror and rained awfully red hot

I actually held that record where nobody dares not

Fleeing from vicious bullies while i was on the run

Constantly i was complaining but justice I had none

Made to blame and & suffer, became that ole scape goat

Always was in trouble when crap just happens to float

Till it’s a ritual, a habit and then becomes all repetition

Every where you go you’re conditioned to that tradition

Amazing how these bullies can cause so much strife

Like a special death sentence, you pay the rest of your life



Peter Sokolowskyj