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                                     CITIZENSHIP TEST

                      Peter sokolowskyj  24 September 2007


Bullshit was all the band could play, it still cumms out our way

More Dream time illusion white supremists dream up this day

History tests for new cummers but which history will be tested?

Most of it is in denial or suppressed, say no more or be arrested

No mention how the British invaded an occupied land

The true owners were not white and didn’t properly understand

Barbaric, murderous invasion then we massacred in lots

Ordered in more convicts to fire those deadly shots

Later they steal their children while mothers work as slaves

Fathers rot in prison and booze wipes out their race

Then disease and sickness will kill more at a pace

Given only deserts and fringes, out of mind out of sight

No jobs or future the only culture that has no right’

Ratnest Island was Australia’s secret Auswitch Prison

End of the line for any man who fought against what’s risen

Port Arthur Tasmania convicts killed in secret only black

Maralinga dropped those H- bombs right upon their track

Wiped out a tribe of 5,000 Aboriginals who were living there

Look around mate, massacre happened every where

Derby’s West Rail worked women slaves hard into the ground

Prisoners, slaves to distant stations in chains they were bound

The great Jandamurrah terrorised police in the outback west

Outsmarted the bloody lot, they said he was the best

Only black fella ever who gave the law pure utter shame

Today no one is allowed to mention or even say his name

We forget all this history, recall white supremists at their best

Greedy developers grabbing land and then all the rest

Manufacturing a racial riot justifying a plan they urgently need

Sacrificing an innocent life, all for the sake of bloody greed

Making migrants then having to pay, dream time is here to stay

Bullshit was all the band could play and its still cumms out our way









Peter Sokolowskyj