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Peter Sokolowskyj: January 4, 2010


We are all somehow led to believe

Too blind to see how Vinnie’s deceive

Great pretenders not serving the poor

So great they are to how they ignore

Supermarket Opp Shops selling over price

Rich only bargains; the poor will think twice

Amazing how they profit, now just for greed

Volunteer slave labor are desperately in need

Working for the best stuff, who take plenty indeed

The rest is all left-over’s, rubbish is what they feed

Workers help themselves, steal where they can

Truck drivers are worst, they get in first man

Vinnie’s relies on honesty, mostly they are blind

Rich workers helping themselves is what you’ll find

Amazing wonderful service, out of mind out of sight

How the money still rakes in, profits still delight  

No more concessions or rebates if you’re poor

Pay the same as the rich or you are out the door

Donations soar in, wow! The money they rake

Bleeding the rich forever, the poor they forsake

 Less is now what they give, more now they take

All greed and profit exploiting as they rake

Onwards Christian soldiers, worse than before

Forsaking Jesus teachings, greedy for ever more

Vinnie’s and the Salvos, competing for cash galore

Forsaking the old and needy, rich only for sure

Collecting mainly rubbish they sell for top price

Most of it is broken and that makes it rather nice

Amazing place how thou sweet are, self comes in first

When it comes to greed and profit, they are the worst

Money, money, give me more, more, yes we need more

Never ending raking cash while the poor gets the door

Rich only Opp shop, super-market selling trash galore

Forgetting what they stand for all neglect the poor

Compassion is distinguished and most will get the door

Onwards Christian soldiers budging on once more

Forsake the folks of Jesus as all will just ignore

All is just cash dollars, just give them more and more

Vinnie’s are our hero’s, blind we are for sure

Onwards Christian soldiers forsaking for ever more-----------------



Peter Sokolowskyj