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2 January 2010

One of the greatest capers ever known,

ABC manufactured that has overgrown

Power of the media when it’s corrupt

Brain washes the public when abrupt

Raised a wolf in sheep’s cloth to great height

How deception fools and evil will plight.

Jonathon Welsh a choir man legend

From Oxford Street; Gay Lesbian plus the pageant

Started the Sydney Street Choir which he abandoned

After something bigger the ABC demanded

Hard knocks rose high and they too suddenly fell

Hope and inspiration arose from all that amazing hell

Misunderstandings about profits no one can tell

Dismissed those who spoke out; ABC runs the show

Rule number one! Do as you’re told or out you will go!

Businesses as usual now let’s make more money.

Media manufactured how it’s done sonny!

Exploit the poor, disadvantaged and those who a weak

Amazing new industry Jonathon Welsh did seek

Roll in those dollars while they suck in that cash

Easy for the picking while performers get trash

All looks great on telly as Johnny becomes so great

For the rest do as you’re told or go is their fate

While his choirs sing the cash register rings

ABC profits and the rating corruption brings

Wolf in sheep’s clothe the greatest yet

Exploited the disadvantaged as ABC has set

Manufactured for profit forgot about pleasure

Power of the media how corruption will measure.

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Peter Sokolowskyj