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                    DO AS YOUR TOLD OR ELSE!

2 January 2010

As a former choir member truth must be told

     How they all laughed when we tried

            Moments there was when someone cried

      The truth was always properly denied

How they conned and always lied

         Do as your told or else! Or you must go

     Sing for those scraps after each show

          Stale out of date food sometimes rotten

             Out of mind out of sight almost forgotten

            Cruelty and harsh rules we all know well

   Singing for scraps after each show;

          Be on time for rehearsals or pay a price

           Penalty points and treatment not so nice

           Do as your told or else! Or you must go!

      Sing for those scraps after each show

                Sometimes we ride a bus or catch that train

              Be on time for that gig in the pouring rain

              Welsh says we're not allowed to complain

ABC will punish us all over again

      Conditions so bad we all must endure

               It’s called desperation; which isn’t the cure

                  Sydney street choir performs well in their hell

       Jonathon Welsh is always doing so well

       Yet they always go about and rubbish us

        When we stand up to corruption and thus

              Make us all look bad while they remain great

                 After ten years, still out of mind and out of sight

              Still they afflict fear as we perform with fright

     Do as your told or else! Or you must go!

Still singing for scraps after each show

     Peter Lehner now has abandoned the fold

         Like Jonathon Welch dumped them ice cold

          Corrupt media still repeats making those lies

     Making new choirs and no one gets wise

Use and Abuse they both all dish out

            Collecting those grants their scams are about

   Exploiting the homeless, using the poor

No one can complain as all will ignore

                    The choir ditched again while Lehner sets up more

Raking up grants, fleecing more cash

               While the SSC abused and dumped out as trash

Peter Sokolowskyj