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      7) POET
8 August 2004


                      Watch out mate what’s amongst the crowd
                 A poison pen poet that too can be loud

                  My name is trouble that dangerous kind
          Not at all the kindest you will find

           My words are powerful and precise

      Mess with me and I will surprise

              But I have much that I choose to share

     I come because I happen to care

   Can’t win them all everywhere

       My gift is greatness and its there!

       I am another poet come to show it

      Up to you if you want to know it.

  Yes I will have to wait my turn

I’m here to listen and to learn

           Give and to receive is what I believe

    Not to disrupt or cause bereave

      I give of myself that I do for free

                     Doesn’t bother me son if you don’t like me

        Get in my way my pen will collect

         Next week you I’ll preset to select

   I choose wisely how to perfect

          Believe me I’m worse than any sect

       On my paper son I really have fun

  I perform my best to everyone

     I guess you haven’t really heard

I am deadly with every word

     Some consider me a natural turd

 I am a poet man you silly nerd

Peter Sokolowskyj