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I've branded myself a bitch
Because I'm on top of my game
Only a whore
To those who don't know my name
What can I say
I burn like a flame
Cheap talk stays the same
But me?
No ways!
I'm a beast not ready to be tamed...

I call myself a metaphor
I have a meaning but angchazeki
When you see me
You beg for more
Almost like a taste enganambitheki
When you see me standing
You'd think I'm running
Yehlisa umoya angbaleki
Umtheth' wam
I'm hard to the core
But my presence ay'deleki
Sometimes my brain goes to war with my heart
But imicabango yam ay'teleki
I'd simply relax
With my energy to the max
Coz' this is a habit engajwayeleki....

I'm good
I'm so good it hurts
I'm so good I add new meaning to the word first
And a whole different  view to the cursed
I'm so good I refuse to burst
I'm just good
If I don't say it myself
No one else would...

There are bitches out there
And one of them is me
See I don't care
Fact is I'm still gon' let things be
Boost your eyes a lil' and stare
Yim' lo uZoe
Ngsese khona player hater uze unganglokothi..     

Sometimes life has a way of playing with my conscience and it only matters when I'm guilty...

I use metaphors when I speak,so only the dumb don't understand...

Zograt Sayder