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To say something about me , a page is not needed , a script is  not acceptable and poem  cannot be imagined , a story can't be written , i don't know about me well also , that's a crisis , i call , i'm in . where is the world of purity ??? , where is the reality??? , what is what??? why u r a characterized to be like this , i liked to be alone , not interested in worldly things , always dreamed on my self , i talked about my self , lived on my way ,when i turn around , i saw my self every where smiling like a mad one , i often question my self  " R U MAD?????" looking into the mirror , i found good ones , made friend ship with them , left them unable to bear their love for me , i don't know what is happening to me , or happens to me , the future is imagined dark without them ( friends ) , how senseless is my path , and mindless are thoughts !!!!
what happens , can i find a happy path in future , in which i learn to love , fight , be always happy , for ever  ,
navneeth bhavishya