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 The day i met them , how finest and lovely was that
i bounded them with in my senses , never to leave them , from my thoughts
that day which i imagined is great , thought i'm not alone in this world
every smile that i made , was by them , the number is great, and the things were fine 

that little things which i can't leave , u all r mine , i'm yours 
profound were the thoughts , each part of instance is so rapid , 
i changed my life , they are the cause 
i laughed with them , poke them , 
and exchanged finest things with them 
the encouraged me , walked along with me every foot

those days where , i didn't sleep and chatting with them
those were the precious nights , where i lost the boredom
i won that night , i had taken the birth that day
those memories were , every where stitching every wound of my heart
the lonely life had ended i thought ,
but that's not ended , it again calls me to come
i'm going with it never to come again !!! 
navneeth bhavishya