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In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful.

Oh Dear Allah it's been a long time since we've had a proper conversation.If you had a mind that's full of thoughts,You must be thinking of how stupid and selfish I must've been.You've been so merciful and absolutely understanding,I'm starting to think that YOU SURE DO HAVE A BIG HEART.And I'm starting to wonder why do I need to be in this crucial stage in my life before we conversate again.

The real and honest fact is I NEED YOU always have,always will.I LOVE YOU always have always will.AND I FEAR YOU WITH ALL MY HEART always have and always will.

If my prayers haven't been answered,don't worry it's all my fault,coz' I haven't been praying at all.And, if my prayers haven't been answered yet then,I haven't been praying hard enough.

You've been cutting me some slack alot lately and something tells me that despite it all YOU REALLY DO LOVE ME.Right now,right here and now,I believe,I have faith,ask You for Your mercy when I've done wrong,but somehow I feel your absence and it's propbably all my fault because I haven't been thankful enough.

I once prayed for a job and waited,waited for quite some time but you answered me.Jazaakallah.I am now a Sales Representative but I stand at the door signing and stamping receipts,not quite what I expected but I perservere and I'm utterly grateful for that.

To be continued...

Zograt Sayder