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 Writers Bloc
Writers Bloc
To pen a requisite best seller. A book of 5000 items. Alphabetically enumerated Chapter and Line each Rhyme exquisitly enhanced a TickerTape parade the key to the BIG Applette a spot segment on television next, the Royalties paying for the three car garage and house in Beverly. Hills melting into Dales and RIlles into The Big Valley. The Picket Line Fence was just unwashed logs stacked up then down in a COnfederate hilarity. Men exposed to Muskett fire and no retreat a fight to the death the Gray line mostly homespun uniforms just slacks and shirts some short jackets many men were hatless. Anger rules a Battleground fear of death and Anger rules a Battle. My shin splintered I twisted my leg and stood swinging my Muskett like a BillyClub made of Iron and Wood. The line kept advancing. I could see now that there was no way out. I swung the Muzzle of mye Muskett UP underneathe mye chin. Reached down and pulled and calmly blew mye Brains out. No YellowBelly Yankee was gonna RUIN me. I gave a Rebel Yell. I fell. The Battle Markers placed the crosses one for PFC Darkstone at the battle of Shiloh near the old Pickett fenced. It just says a Confederate Soldier died here in battle. The battle of Shiloh was mostly Union Forces under General Sheriden. General Philip H. Sheridan was one of the Union's most celebrated commanders.  He was a cavalry officer, and perhaps more than any other Union Officer, he fought like a confederate. It was the Cival War. The year was 186(?) "War is Death" said Sheriden to the Darkstone Confederate as they buried him. You may be thinking of another General a differant General Statesman. Perhaps a similar General Statement. Try General Sherman who may have said War is a General. CLose so close but a little off can you remember what he really said Gentile Reader You. Writers Bloc.


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