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Just Love
Just love is all I need in life,
Just need that closest hug; my wife.
Don't need to hear those bad words,
But I know life some times is for the bird's!

I can not go back in time and change my error's,
Won't open up no can of worms or terror!
I had some woman and went down some dark road's
Passed on my love and loss my load.
Given a hugg and a kiss to another,
Had my secret lover.

Made poor choices and only recovered,
But I still miss my crazy family and brother.
But you can't change their ways,
I live my life;I have nothing to say.

Holding my son every day and watching him grow
Has taken away some of that stress that I know.
He's just loosing his teeth and continues to smile,
Opened up my life; gave me the strength to run a mile!

Just love is all that I need in my life,
My son, my cat spotty, and my wife!

2006 January 11 Philip Fletcher (c)


Philip Fletcher