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Some Mothers Don't Change
I've gone 1,000 miles and I've made a few broken stones,
but when you're ever say let's get on with our lives is something which is not known.

I say how much I love you, but your response is complete silence as this is your personality; this is what you do.

I can not change you as an individual as you're not easily subject to"
any kind of change. I've done my part in more ways then one to settle
our personality differences which you can not rearrange.

You can not accept or admit to your errors
as you believe you are always right;
but I can not be a part of your childish terror.

I am getting older and have no time for your shit,
and after hearing so many things from your mouth
you have turned into a useless mother figure ti.

Remember I can not react to things in ways that you prefer,
and if you think I'm going too you are simply abusrb.

We were at one time as close as a grape to a vine,
and now you're slipping from my mind.

Philip Fletcher (c) 2005


Philip Fletcher