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Love Can Tear You

There is the love that can tear you
to make you go separate ways.
There's a touchy world which makes you say;
makes you go forward each and every day.

Love can take you down hill into some drugs
and turn you into a useless thug.
Forgetting about all those people you love;
turning you into a ruthless bug.

Why in this world do people have to compete,
doesn't it just make you want to weep?
I just want to be the man that I am
and to not stop life with hour glass sand.

I've taken grap with families and friends,
but love that I have inside will never end.
I have the biggest heart,
do you want to break it apart?

Yes love can tear you and make you go mad
for It will lift spirits and make you glad.
If I do nothing for you just keep on walking,
because life is too short to be talking.

   (C)2006 January 15 Philip Fl

Philip Fletcher