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Twenty One an going on Twenty Two! Strange thing though cause I've been through more than most at this age.
Each story I write, an as I think to tell each, an I realize how enormous the volumes there in each really is, and
so I recall something my Mother said: "Tell me a true story an how I can learn somthing an I'll be interested" Now when I relive a memory, visit faceless as well as faces of those long past in each. I visit places that exist an those that have been escavated! Sure I recall memories that will not serve anyone any real worth, though they reveal to me the piles worthwhile to be of interest!
Now you may think this story is about more of mother's words of wisdom and though you will have to wait, and until i weave them into another story-tell.
Unlike most that experience military service in the treditional sence of what...
that is, to each soldier onto oneself, though fer me to have been picked for the Army Pistol Team wer nothing short of miraculous ( Devine Intervention ) cause I wer a natural with my keen eye-sight an a strong desire to be part of a team an a challenge with prestige, real team spirit! After carefull investagation an counselling with a base Warrent Officer that placed me under his wing (so-to-speak) where I would come to love shootin' my Army 45 revolver at targets on a target range where I'd be practicin' fer many months. Training consisted of my early rising five in the morn, each day I'd set up with my team-mates, fetch the ammo an targets, exercise, then after which breakfast wer served in our mess-hall. ( a place we would eat )

Some days special techniques in breathing, or team strategy wer practiced an prior to us actually firein' our weapon on the target range; Although you may think this activity would be simple, I assure you it weren't! Days an months passed an piles of ammo spent at my feet an still my trainer wer most proficient, a creak-shot an scored more points than I would. I couldn't figure this out to save my life an his great shootin' only made me want to try harder. It would seem the noise an the weight of my pistol over long periods would distract my accurateness an I would have to develop methods of my own to compensate my problem an should I even have a chance at a better score! Their wer times I thought never in this lifetime could I shoot like my trainer an he would say "Don't worry you will get it in time" he was calm very calm each time he advised me! One night while tryin' to sleep I'd think that's it; Why didn't I see this...

Each session my heart wer poundin' with enthusiasm an this did disturb my concentration! A very hard thing fer me to controll my heart-rate an with all the excitment of a match tornament would make things most difficult! Sure I wer gettin' very good an moat would say excellent though I would not be able to out shoot my trainer.
He weren't scorein' much more than myself after a long while of my over-time practice, yet he did have a margin! The problem wer that only five us will shoot in a match tornaments against the Marines, Airforce, Navy an the time wer commin' short an I wanted to be picked in the worse way! After all I wer able to split a bullet shootin' at an axe between my legs an this would pop two ballons at the same on each side of the axe blade at thirty yards. 'yepper'

It wer decided to have a match-off an the best five wer gonna be picked once an for all, and so we began, wouldn't ya know we would have a tie an...Ya Got an my Trainer needed to break this tie an so the match between us began again!
O' yeah he wer the best I ever did see! Only this time it all fell together fer me on that day, an everyone did cheer when the score wer three to two bulls -eye an for Perry an I went on to win a six-foot trophy for all Army an to this day my name is on that beautiful Trophy we are all proud of... O' yeah this truly is how I became a Legend at Fort benning Georgia!
I learned: To know one self completely, professionaly trained, a good diet, excersise, focus on concertration, a little prayin' an a whole lot of practice will surly get you where you want to go in sports and in life.
Perry Campanella