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Before I go on with my stories I wanted to share this letter!
This Jeep driver wanted to go out on a road we did not secure an I wouldn't let him.
The one time I came into base New Years Eve, Bombs wer on that road fer certain. The
next day while clearing the road I lost my driver to a 500 lb bomb so this soldier wer lucky.

From: Dave Goodell 4th cav


#message7680428669727314311739190803822833032707868471 To Perry Campanella

I saw a picture of you on a web site and I figured it was you with 40 years on. The last time I saw you was either in the michelin rubber plantation or in Lai khe after the michelin battle. I wondered wear you had been all this time. The last time I saw you you said if I ever got to New York the steaks were on you!!! I remember looking at scrapbooks of people, you did work on Broadway for if my memory is still working. You were Italian with a thick New York accent. You was 5ft 6or in there with brown curly hair. Of coarse now touched with a shade of gray I am sure. I know the feeling. Some one said look this guy up on google so I did and there you were. I got everything from a poet to radio personality. Sounds like you have more brands in the fire than Gil Favor. You have to be about 60 to get that. Yes I was in the same barracks with you in tigerland. Yes I remember the night coarse where you had to at one point cross this road and thats where they would catch people there. And then take them some where and try to get information out of them. I think we were givin some sort of info that we wasnt suppose to tell. But every one that I talked to after wards said they gave up the info. So good thing you escaped. First place I ever saw a flying squrrel. And the rain was just like Nam. And hot and muggy, that steamed heat. Leesville. Yes I was in Ctrp 1st platoon I cant remember which one you was in but would run on to you from time to time on differnt fire bases or once in awhile at some basecamp. Do you ever remember putting a large screwdriver through my radiator so we could stay in the basecamp because it was New years eve. Was your middle name Paul. Well you must have left an imppresion on me . Because I always wondered what ever became of you. I was in New York 2 years ago. I have a guy from my platoon who lives in middle village in the City. We have a reunion every couple years. It was there last time and this summer in Greenbay Wisc. Are whole Plt made it back alive. I type with my one finger never took typing so takes awhile here If you want to give me a call my home phone is (remove) ~ I live in Iowa again. Long way from the beach and Will have to bring up picture. See if that will jog the old memory. 40 years ago yesterday.. later Dave Goodell Vet brother!

Want to share a letter with me or others this is the place to do it ~ ay!  LOL

Perry Campanella