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Date: 9-29-09

As I rise this morning I hear the sounds of spring letting go of their praise for you
The sun shines so bright and peeks out the light to shine in my heart
It's wonderful how your touch is all over the morning breeze
The dew spreads out on the tree's for all your creation to drink
The colors so vibrant and new for all to see
Your love spread across the land to keep our eyes in awe of your love for us.
I see a picture of your love inside my heart as the day unfolds to give me a new start
Your wonderful in all the things you do and make
I know you love me because you give me all these things to see
You help me keep standing even in the storms of life
Your Spirit flows free for me to hold onto
Oh how wonderful your touch this morning inside my heart
Please keep your love flowing so others can see
Your love inside me so strong and so true
Even the sparrows know your help and your love
I just want to say Lord, You have taught me so many things
How to wait and how to love
How to stand and stay in control
How to understand things and call your precious name
Even though times get tough and I lose my focus
I can always depend on you to pull be back
I just want you to know that these times right now are taking a toll
But one thing I have learned is that even though times are hard to understand
And the things I go through seem so long and I think they won't end
You always pull me through in the end.
So this morning Lord, help me to see your love in all I do.
I want you to know that I love you now and I am going to always stay true.
But I need your help because I'm so weak without your love
Keep me  in focus and help me see your face
I love you Lord, and always Long for your embrace.
Written by:© Betty Bolden
My Writings are copyright©

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