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     I have been trying to figure out how to operate and work this site and suddenly it works for me.  That is usually what happens when I put my mind and heart to somthing.  I have been up all night working and then lost all the work I did.  Dang computer, I am self taught and sometimes I lose things.  I wrote to Oprah's show tonight to see if she would consider putting me on there to promote my book.  Besides that I have a good story.  I was in the navy for 4 years and I have been a solderer, built transformers, a Dental Assistant, I was even a Cosmetologist.  I have my AA degree with a 3.4 G.P.A. From Southwestern in Bonita.  I have don't
lots of things with my life.  My marriage was my biggest failure but even that lasted 14 years and I do have a beautiful daughter that came with that package.  So my book is called Kimberly B's Chaotic Poetry and Writings (A Schizophrenic's Perspective)  That's right, I said the word.  I and most of us who have schizo-effective disorders of some kind don't talk about it.  Even people who have a breakdown or who are Bi-polar don't talk much about it.  Because it's the way they are treated.  Well people, I got news for you we are not all a bunch of serial killer's like the press and TV. would have you believe.  I am normal to me with just a few problems functioning.  So I hope you will buy my book and see inside my head.  You may be suprized at what you find.  I am an avid Christian and my writings are actually my heart on paper.  Talk at you Later


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