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In the community we arrive.

Feeling good and feeling alive.

Praying for a better place.

And a ton of work ethic to face.

We take our time, and express ourselves in a positive way.

It makes our day.

We impress the lord with a song.

Happy feet in the air among.

A story of how it changes our faithful world.

As the saints skip and dance and twirl.

Reviewing the home of the living.

The celebration of his gift of creation in the morning.

View one another, and see the creator.

The world awakens by the power.

People working for their faith.

The values that motivate.

Everyone is greeted with delight.

As we become comfortably cradled as we see the light.

As we grow...

We take the words of God, hold it inside, and flow.

Flowing with blithness.

God gave us happiness.


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