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I believe poetry offers everyone an avenue to explore his mind and the world beyond
his immediate consciousness. When one ventures into the alluring world of the half-known
or the unknown, imagination reigns. The outcome could be amazingly fruitful.

Poetry writing is absolving to a point of an obsession. Life can have another facet of joy when
creativity flows into verse. Poetry is like painting, each piece captures a particular scene, a
particular moment where beauty and reality is felt. A poem without emotion is dead; intense
feellings give the poem colors and texture, a sense of completeness to complement the content.

Poetry has another scope of creativity, it could be used as a didactic tool for inculcating social

Finally, poetry opens up the deepest sorrow and the happiest moment in a flow of poetic language.

Copyright by Opme Soh Siew Huay
4 August 2009


siew huay soh