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I still remember my childhood,

Love, affection and chide of my mother,

Weeping in a false manner,

Playing in the moonlight,

Struggles with cousins and companions,

Psuedo-chide of my father,

I still have everything with me,

But i miss,

Those childhood memories


2                     OCTOPUS

Man has become octopus,

entangled in his own clutches,

fallen from sky to earth,

new foundation was made,

of rituals, customs and manners,

tried to come out of the clutches,

but not

waiting for doom`s day    






of this century,

in the hope,

era has changed,

to see something new,


everything will be changed,

but what happens with thinking,

do something positive

it will take years,

to build





I am tired,

of callling,

i am finding none,

to come with me,

none is hearing me,

hearts have been locked,

windows of ears have been closed,

its my fate,

pain is my destiny,

i have no complain,

towards anyone




I want to forget everything,

dropping wounds,flowing tears,

hunger,despair and sting of poverty,

wall of discrimination,

i want to forget this,

but people wants,

not to heal this,

my efforts have become useless,

my wounds are still live



                        O! ROSE

O! rose,


left thorns,

in my orchard,

i am bleeding,

my orchard has no fragrance,

still now,

many plants grew,

but weather is not favourable,

greenary has lost,

trees are cut,

belief  no more,

system crushed,

orchard has become desert  




The faces of hopes,

have become dim,

greenery has disappeared,

like ghosts,

the shades have become mirage,

skyscrappers are creating tensions,

green colour is our reliever,

we hope to save this greenery




Destroyer of men`s obstacles,

beginners of every auspicious work,

lover of modakas[ sweets],

ardent obedient to his father,

having the trunk of an elephant,

a transplantation of the head of an elephant,

driver of mouse-van,

save us from all hurdles, all obstacles



is like,

having a  burning coal,

in his hands,

and burning himself,

it is a volcano,

destroys all the limbs,

it is an earthquake,

that shakes itself,

it is a bomb-blast,

that blasts its own body,

it is a bullet that kills himself,

drive away anger

                                  USE OF

What is the use of,

hiding the miseries,

what is the use of,


relations are very fragile,

what is the use of,

testing them,

the thirst of the earth can`t be quenched,

what is the use of,



                       BURNING DREAM

I am burning dream,

of your eyes,

i am cold scorching ,

of the moon,

you have forgotten,

which by burning to ashes,

i am that dream,



Propaganding of skills,

creating useless thrills,

destroying the image of others,

accumulating the maximum opportunity,

showing the maximum generosity,

at the cost of others,

climbing step by step on the heads of others,

naked play of money,

partition and bargaining of honey,

always for their sake,

this progress is fake,

this is retrogress



                   SPRING FEVER

The nature has dressed green saree,

white, red, yellow coloured flowers,

have made its border,

the cuckoo is singing in the trees,

all these are welcoming the spring,

All are praying goddess Sarawati,

all have sung auspicious songs,

the noise of birds, the naughtiness of wind,

all have come to welcome spring,

new zeal, new weather, new environment,

we welcome you o! spring



How beautiful are eyes,

but they have no light,

how many rivers have dried,

in the heart of desert,

you can see everything,

you can recognise everything,

but why this darkness was in your fate,

the light of eyes denied,

what kind of punishment it is?

but don`t loose heart,

don`t  off the light of your insight,

don`t go away from the battlefield,

of life

open the eyes of your mind