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Works Publisher

I sent this to google's search feedback on 16 July 2009:

With 755,399 poems, shouldn't be on the first page of Google when searching for poetry 

Several less relevant pages are shown.  One in particular, is in violation of our members copyrights because they have copied our member's works from our server and are displaying our member's works on their domain.  This is not fair and they should not be rewarded with a first page placement on google when searching for poetry.

I sent this to Google on 17 July 2009:

I'm reporting a copyright violation to you. is not a "Search Engine" as they proclain in their title tag.  They scanned our poetry site, pulled off all the poems found on our site, and have enticed our poets to join their site to display their poetry on their site.  They have violated our poets copyrights. 

It is not fair that they are rewarded with a first page listing on Google when searching for poetry. 

We have spent thousands of dollars advertising our poetry site on Google to build up our client base of poets and Google should not reward their copyright violations.


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