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My Profile

  • I wrote my first book about my military and civilian law enforcement experience
  • Place of birth:  Sedalia, MO 
  • Favorite Music:  Jazz 
  • Pastimes:  Bowling !!!!
  • Happily Married  

 Jackie R. Kays was born in Sedalia, Missouri in 1933. He was a member of the USAF for seventeen years. He was injured in Vietnam in nineteen sixty
five and was medically discharged. He has been writing poetry for over forty years. He is now sevennty years old.
He has little knowledge of poetic technical skills. He writes from his heart, soul and life experiences.

He presently has a novel; "The Stone Throwers"
in publication at Barns and Noble and at several other on-line bookstores.


If you are a Law Enforcment Officer or have ever been a Law Enforcment
Officer, you will appreciate; Badge of Honor in War and Peace.


Jackie R. Kays