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To me
You give thousand moments
Of love to ruminate
Multitudinous opportunities to feel
But see me
How unfortunate I am
Who cannot even pay my regards
To You,
When I start thinking of you.
A vast sky open before me
To fly.
A Tribute
Your memories
Ignite my passions
Your thoughts numb
My within
Your words
Torch bear my path
I still search you
In the vast crowd of world
But I know
You’re still beyond my reach
Sometimes you covet me
My desires- But I don’t
Even think of leaving my
Tenacity- Towards you
For You’re
My love-
My Prowess
I search you
In my home
In my rooms, galleries,
Arena and Almirah, books
And in my diaries
And I find you
Smiling everywhere,
My Heart fills with
Emotional ecstasy and joy…
I run faster in the race of life.
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