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Covid 19 Business Plan

Goal: To help the students, families, teachers, administrators, Districts, communities, and others while social distancing in order to serve You while preventing the spread of Covid 19
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Covid 19 is a highly contagious and deadly Communicable Disease, which means that it very easily transmitted to others even if we have no symptoms of the virus (yet) according to Your scientists and experts at large. Wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, avoiding crowds and bars are among several ways to prevent the spread of the Communicable Disease as You have been revealing via Dr. Fauci and Your experts at large (CNN and MSNBC, 2020). Staying home when possible and avoiding unnecessary travel are other ways to mitigate the spread as You have been revealing via Your scientists and experts in general, Lord of hosts, since Spring 2020.
KSA's had: Can work from home using the tablet while learning from the television and internet 
KSA's needed: Required to work around high people in high risk environments even though the virus is real and I can be an asymptomatic spreader without even knowing it. Need to be able to get tested and/or stay away from older people as much as possible, must wear masks, face shields, gloves, and use paper towels at school and in public at large 
Plan for Achieving Objectives: Research and study for online exams using the free resources that You have been offering via Google at large 
Barrier for Achieving Objectives and Plan for Overcoming Them: A lack of trust, which makes leaders rush to reopen schools and the economy even in the middle of the global pandemic. I can work to build trust by working at home and at school while following the guidelines and staying informed so that we can protect the health, safety, and privacy of Your family members at large 

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