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Colin The Mine

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You offer tedious boredom
A day without meaning.
Without hope for a better day
Time is meaningless.
So tell us what we should do
We are life in constant motion
Minds like a seething ocean.
This is what you try to still
With threats of punishment or chemical pill
When we try to improvise.
We cope daily with stress ans strain
Others move in despair and pain
A life of misery and degradation
And this you call rehabilitation.
What do you expect when we seek reprieve
In a world of stress that we can’t leave
We find solace in something nice
The choice today is smoke some spice
I don’t deny I’ve had a try
It’s the only time I get to fly
I’m free to fly to heaven’s vault
Prison’s grinding mill comes to a halt
It’s the freedom of the mind
That leaves behind the daily grind
This is how we learn to cope
A little bit of shit
Brings a little bit of hope.

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