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We find a place
And quietly park
Out of the car
Into the dark
I approach her from behind
Hand  between clothed thighs 
Feel her stiffen and then relax 
Feel her quiver, hear her sighs
That shortly turn 
To  little moans,
To long  gasps 
To soft  groans
Feel her buttocks grind my groin
To the rhythm of my caressing
Driving me on to enjoy 
That  sweet shared blessing
Of joint climax approaching soon
Stood on the river bank
Under just a sliver of moon.
One last drive against my groin
One last stroke between her thighs
As we both explode
With delighted moans and sated sighs.
We keep our joy
And desire alive
By taking these
Nighttime drives
Enjoying the risk
As we explore
We might be seen
On the river shore.
In the car we relax and kiss
Both enjoying the ability
To appreciate and expand
Our sexual compatabilty, 
Then she to her husband
I to my wife
And the humdrum happy
But stale sexless married life.

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